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Profitable Leads is a top online marketing agency with an expert understanding of Google Ads

In the highly competitive, constantly evolving Google Ads platform, it can be easy to waste tons of money on clicks that will not convert into sales. To avoid costly mistakes, it is wise to partner with a Google Ads Agency that knows the ins and outs of Google Ads. As an agency with Google Partner status, Profitable Leads has years of experience running successful Google Ads campaigns across just about every industry. Our team of marketing experts excels at creating Google Ad campaigns that maximize your results while maintaining a good Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

We take the time to learn the dynamics of our clients’ businesses, enabling us to develop unique strategies that will align with their Pay Per Click campaign objectives. We are a Google Ads Agency that simply does things the way they should be done.

We help you increase your visibility, ROAS and predictable revenue

Only the savviest of advertisers thrive on the Google Ads platform. You can trust our Google Ads experts to make your business stand out among the crowd.

We have worked with a lot of small and big-name businesses, so we understand how challenging it can be to find, nurture, and convert qualified leads. Our team of experts will create a personalized Google Ads strategy just for your brand using Google’s best practices.

We will keep ad spend as low as possible by focusing your budget on effective methods, so you don’t spend more than you have to.

We offer the following Google Ads services that will help you get more clicks, drive more website traffic, and convert them into paying clients and customers:

Google Ads
Account Audit
Web Analytics /
Tracking Setup
Google Ads Account Management
Profitable Leads is the master of High-ROI search advertising campaign

Whether you are a startup, a local business or a bustling, international company, Google Ads can offer you plenty of value. As long as people search for your products or services on Google, Google Ads can help you attract more customers.

But it is easy to waste money on the wrong keywords or overpay for a click that is not going to convert into a sale. That is why you need to work with an experienced Google Ads Agency that knows what it is doing, and Profitable Leads is exactly that.

We will work directly with your company to set realistic Google Ads goals based on your unique needs and budget. To do so, we identify the audiences and demographics your business needs to target and help expand your reach into new, lucrative markets.

Our 5 step system that leads to Google Ads success
Kick-off meeting - understand your business

No one knows your business better than you. What has been done in terms of Google Ads in the past? What makes your business different? What is the cost per lead or cost per acquisition that is acceptable? Do you want to sell locally, nationally, or internationally? Etc..

Keyword research & Competitor analysis

Map out keywords relevant to the business, map out services or products that should be promoted, and understand competitors currently in your space.

Account setup & Conversion tracking setup

Google Ads account will be built-out, according to Google’s best practices. Before the launch of new campaigns, the web analytics setup will be audited/fixed to ensure that results from Google Ads campaigns can be tracked effectively.

Launch of Google Ads campaigns

Once the account has been built-out, and the conversion tracking has been tested successfully, we are ready for launch so we can start to generate results for your business.

On-going optimization & monthly reporting

Over time, we will optimize the Google Ads accounts based on the data that we will receive from website visitors. We will understand which keywords are working best and continually look for ways to grow conversions and reduce cost per lead.

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After we receive your initial form-submission, we book a free discovery call to go over your wants and needs.

● Step 03
Receive your proposal and work out the details

Based on the initial brief and the discovery call, we will prepare a custom proposal for you to map out all activities that will have to to be completed.

● Step 04
We get to work to get you ahead of your competitors

You review the proposal and let us know if you have any questions. Once we agree on the terms and the time-line, we are ready to start growing your visibility and business.